Electricity and Power Projects

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Lindt Australia recently built a national refrigerated distribution centre in Marsden park, Sydney.  BTS projected managed and installed this award winning 353kW solar PV system, including installation of solar inverters with in-built string protection connected to modified main switchboard via 630Amp 3-Phase MCCB.

Client: Lindt Chocolate

Size: 353kW Solar PV Installation

Modules: 978 x 360W

Inverters: 3 x 100kW ABB 3-Phase

Completed: March 2019

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Lindt Australia Building
Lindt Inverter Station
Lindt Main Switch Board
Lindt Endless Arry of Panels
Lindt Birdseye of Completed Project

Client: Davistown RSL

Size: 100kW Solar PV Installation

Modules: 435 x 260W Winaico

Inverters: 5 x 20kW SMA

Completed: July 2018

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The Board of Davistown RSL were looking to reduce the site operational costs and subsequently engaged the services of BMC Energy Systems to supply the equipment, and BTS to install a 100kW solar system at the club.

The installation was completed well inside the project plan timeframe and since commissioning the system has been producing excellent power levels.

Davistown Roof View
Davistown Bowling Green
Davistown System Layout
Davistown Inverter Station
Davistown Roof1

As part of Willoughby City Council’s Green City Plan 2028, Council engaged BTS to install a 100kW rooftop solar system on a council depot and at Northbridge Baths.  Council plans to continue to expand solar PV capacity and other renewable energy systems to achieve its targets. Willoughby City Council further intends on expanding the use of batteries for storage and other electricity management opportunities, such as behaviour change and using building management systems to control electricity use.

Client: Willoughby Council

Size: Combined Over 100kW

Modules: Canadian Solar

Inverters: Fronius Inverters

Completed: September 2019

Willoughby Northbridge (2)
Willoughby Northbridge

The Luxmy Group has been awarded with a number of green certifications and is dedicated to environmentally sustainable practices to ensure the health and well being of staff, clients, end users and the planet.  This ethos ultimately led to the installation of the 100kW solar PV system.

Client: Luxmy Group, Punchbowl

Size: 100kW Solar PV System

Modules: 363 x 275W JA Solar Panels

Inverters: 4 x 20kW Fronius Inverters

Completed: September 2019

Luxmy PV Layout
Luxmy Inverters
Woman drinking coffee at home with sunri

Working with Smart Commercial Solar, Scott and William designed and installed a three-phase off-grid solar system with battery at a large property in rural New South Wales. In addition to saving the client more than $80,000 in grid connection costs, the installation serves as an excellent case study for the Australian market as an early deployment of a three-phase off-grid system.


This project won the 2019 Clean Energy Council National Award for under 30 kW - stand-alone PV power system.

Client: Private Property, Mulgoa

Modules: 23.76kW Off-Grid Solar PV

Inverters: 20kW Selectronic Selectsun

Battery: 82.8 kWh LiIon Battery

Generator: 30kVa Generator 3-Phase Configuration

Completed: July 2019

Mulgoa SP Pro Layout
Mulgoa BYD Batteries
Mulgoa SP Pro Switchboard