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Isn’t it time 

to get off the grid?

Throw away your electricity bills forever.  BTS is an approved off-grid consultant. We are the experts in off-grid and near-off-grid living and can help you achieve your dream.

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About our Solar and Battery Division

BTS energy is our division that focuses on design, procurement and installation of the most efficient energy storage systems available. 

We work with all clients both commercial and residential directly to determine the energy solutions they require for their specific circumstances. 

Our team of expert technicians are certified to install state of the art solar and battery systems of any magnitude. We work throughout the Sydney metropolitan and nearby regional areas. 

To find out more about the range of services BTS provides, complete the form above, or follow our social media accounts listed below or call 1300 319 419 for more inquiries. 



Going SOLAR has never been easier or more affordable.


A solar energy solution makes sense for most people.  Energy prices have gone up and by all indications will continue to do so.  By installing a solar solution you can break away from the energy price rise cycle and take control of your energy budget.


BTS Energy specialises in tailoring, installing and servicing commercial and residential solar panel solutions.  Our fully accredited installers can usually complete a solar panel installation within 2 weeks of your refundable deposit.

All power to you.


All of it. 


Are your solar panels generating more power during the day then you can use?  If so, your excess generation could be going to waste!  Installing an energy storage system could be your best solution.  Grid connected batteries capture and store the electricity you’re not using so you can use it later.  This can result in excellent energy bill savings, optimise your electricity usage and ensure you have reliable power in times of black-out.  The system has immediate outage detection and switches automatically to stored power.

Energy storage systems consist of rooftop or ground-mounted solar panels, an inverter, batteries to store energy and an optional integrated backup generator.  The battery and/or generator can be fitted to your existing solar system.  Compared to older grid connect systems, modern energy storage technology is very easy to maintain, fully automated and can be monitored and controlled online. 



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