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Here is everything you need to know about Evergen

What is Evergen and what do they do?

Evergen provides a software platform that enables digital optimisation of the energy supply chain, maximising the benefit from the deployment of renewable technologies. These include utility-scale assets (solar farms), C&I sites, homes and businesses with solar and storage. Their systems are used by retailers, networks, asset owners & operators, and consumers to ensure the optimum function of their assets.

Evergen’s History

When AMP Capital and CSIRO Energy came together in 2015 to discuss the future of energy, their shared vision became Evergen – a transformational venture to support the enablement of a more distributed and decentralised energy system in Australia and internationally. Since then Evergen has invested in some of the smartest, most curious and most capable minds across the industry, and welcomed Artesian VC, Providence Climate Capital and FRV-X as investors. The company’s mission, adopted in late 2019, is to destroy a coal-fired power station in 10 countries by powering the transition to a resilient, renewable, decentralised energy system of the future. This will be achieved by optimising and orchestrating large fleets of batteries in industrial, commercial and residential sites.

How does Evergen’s Intelligent Control work?

The Evergen software, once installed, connects your solar and battery to a cloud-based algorithm. This energy intelligence uses up-to-the-minute data to make sure your system’s performance is always optimised. By taking 42 separate factors into account such as the weather forecast, the electricity demand profile of the premise, the tariff structure and battery characteristics (to name a few), this technology will provide you with the maximum Return on Investment which will result in the quickest payback on your expenditure.

What are the benefits of connecting my battery to Evergen Intelligent Control?

There are four key benefits to connecting your solar and battery system to Evergen Intelligent Control: 1. Customers save on average an additional 26.4% on their electricity bills through their system optimisation software, which determines when your stored power will deliver the greatest savings to your energy bill. 2. Homeowners can visually manage their energy optimisation between solar, battery and the grid through the Evergen app. The live data collected by Evergen is then displayed through a simple, easy-to-use mobile app. 3. Evergen optimisation software also works behind the scenes to extend the life of your battery through condition monitoring (such as temperature, discharge rates, and charging times) to ensure your battery is properly maintained. 4. A home battery with Evergen Intelligent Control also has the option to join an eligible Virtual Power Plant.

How accurate is Evergen’s data?

Evergen receives system telemetry data via our partnered battery Manufacturers’ APIs. This data is then used as the basis for metrics shown in the Evergen App and the Evergen Customer Portal. Battery systems each have electricity meters to provide these values. Different manufacturers have different classes of energy meter accuracy. The accuracy of the data displayed in the Evergen App/Portal is made up of and dependent upon a number of varying factors, including: - metering accuracy - reliability of the manufacturer’s data storage - level of aggregation applied to the data by both the hardware vendor and Evergen - reliable internet connection to provide data with each cycle between the battery system and the manufacturer; and - reliable internet connection between the manufacturer and Evergen When comparing the Evergen data to your electricity bill there will always be a difference in the values caused by the above factors as well as the time of day your meter was read. Your retailer smart meter is the most accurate data source as retailer meters, for billing purposes, must comply with relevant Australian laws. The National Energy Retail Rules stipulate that a retailer must bill customers based on a meter supplied by the metering coordinator. For the above reasons, while Evergen makes every effort to ensure that it provides manufacturer’s data as efficiently as reasonably possible, Evergen cannot warrant that the data in the Evergen App and Evergen Customer Portal is completely accurate. The data is provided “as is” and we disclaim any responsibility for errors or omissions in the data.

How do I sign up for Evergen Intelligent Control and is it FREE?

Evergen Intelligent Control is absolutely FREE for the life of a customer’s system. When you purchase a solar and battery system from us, it is included in your package (assuming it is a battery that integrates with Intelligent Control). Once your hardware is installed, we will let Evergen know that you are ready and have Intelligent Control installed for your system. You will receive an SMS to register your Evergen account once your details have been provided by us to Evergen.

Can any battery connect to Evergen Intelligent Control?

Evergen is working with battery technology suppliers to ensure compatibility between the control system and the storage device. Currently, Evergen supports:

  • Tesla Powerwall 2

  • Alpha ESS

  • LG Energy Solution with SolarEdge

  • Eveready

  • Energizer

  • HIVE

  • LAVO (hydrogen batteries released in 2021)


Our long-term partnership with Evergen has been a wonderful experience. They care as much about their customers as we do. Being able to provide our customers with an efficient battery optimisation platform has been a boon to our business. Their user-friendly app enables households to save on power expenses and provides the opportunity to access VPPs. Evergen is a company that we highly recommend to all our customers and to anyone who is looking to optimise their home battery systems. We are excited to see the growth of Evergen and thrilled to be partners in helping them accomplish their mission.

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