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Everything You Need To Know About Your Home Battery System

About Home Solar Battery Storage Systems

Solar batteries capture excess energy produced from solar panels and store it in your home battery systems for later consumption, particularly during the evening, times of the day with low levels of light, or during blackouts. Storing this unused energy means you have the capacity to power your home efficiently, with clean, green electricity at any moment. You can then enjoy the benefits of lower electrical bills, have power during blackout periods, and you’ll be helping the environment from greenhouse gas emissions from coal-generated electricity.

How Do Home Batteries Work?

Your solar panels first convert the sunlight to energy that can be instantaneously used by your household loads. Then the extra electrical energy produced goes immediately into charging your home battery storage units. Then the feedback loop will ensure the battery is charged during off-peak periods to be later used during peak periods.

What is the life expectancy of a battery?

This depends on your particular model, but most solar batteries are under warranty for at least 10 years but have expected lifespans of around 20 years or more. There is an abundance of influences that can determine the longevity of a battery, these could include:

  • The model of the home battery

  • How many cycles your battery undergoes, and how deep those cycles are

  • The temperature environment surrounding your home battery

  • The maintenance and monitoring of your home battery

Following manufacturer's and installer's recommendations for use and maintenance whilst also choosing a premium product can help ensure the lasting health and efficiency of your home battery storage system.

Optimising your Home Battery With Evergen

We are long-term partners with Evergen. Evergen is a revolutionary optimisation application that helps homeowners take control of their energy usage and manage their savings. Evergen analyses data from your home electricity usage in combination with external sources like weather forecasts, solar predictions, tariff awareness, usage patterns, and knowledge of your battery system’s health to optimise and minimise costs. The software optimises your solar and storage system to save you an additional 26.4% on average on your power bills.

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