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Do solar panels work efficiently during winter?

It’s almost the middle of winter and many Australian households are beginning to wonder whether their solar panels will function efficiently during the cold season of winter.

The short answer is - YES!

In Australia, solar panels are effective all year round. In winter you can still maintain a high solar output as solar panels receive energy from light rays, not from the heat produced by the sun. This is a common misconception surrounding solar panels. It doesn’t matter how hot the day is, only how much direct sunlight your panels receive. Especially ultraviolet light rays (UV) which are the most effective at producing electricity.

In the summer months when potential temperatures can reach 35 degrees and over are not the best type of weather for most residential solar installations. Actually, cool days with full sun are the optimal environmental conditions for solar panels, making them the most efficient days for generating solar energy.

During winter the sun is positioned lower in the sky and its light rays do not hit your solar panels at an optimal angle. This means your solar production will be slightly reduced. The shorter days further reduce the amount of time your solar panels have to collect UV light rays. Although these factors result in the reduction of solar energy produced, it is not always a HUGE drop. The performance of your solar panels only reduce by 2% to 15% during the season of winter. This is dependent on many factors such as where your home is located, the tilt of your panels and the surface cleanliness on your solar panels.

Australia is one of the luckiest countries for solar energy production because we receive an abundance of natural sunlight year-round.

Tips for Optimising Your Solar Panels In Winter

1. Installing a high-quality solar panel system

When enquiring about solar panel installations entrusting certified installers such as Brooklyn Trade Services will secure assurance that your systems will function effectively and efficiently throughout their lifespan.

2. Keeping your solar panels clean

Regularly monitoring your solar panels' cleanliness is important to ensure your system runs efficiently. Panels that are blocked and covered in dust, dirt or grime reduce effectiveness as the UV rays cannot directly access your panels.

3. Buy a home battery system

Installing a home battery system in conversion with solar panels allows the excess energy generated to be stored for use during periods of high electrical consumption.

4. Check for significant shading

The month of June is the time of year for that produces the least solar energy as a result of the winter solstice. But if you are considering investing in a solar panel system soon, right now is the best time to check if your roof suffers from significant shading. This is because shadows from trees and buildings are at their longest during the winter solstice you can save yourself a lot of money by ensuring your roof is optimal for solar panels.

5. Increase panel tilt

If your solar panels are adjustable you can change the angle they regularly are placed at to ensure during the season of winter they are exposed to the most amount of sunlight to maximise the energy produced.

Here at Brooklyn Trade Services, we provide quality solar panel systems for both commercial and residential customers. For further enquiries about installing your own solar panel systems call 1300 319 419 for more information.

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